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Jim:Hello,I am Jim,your pal for today.Welcome to the school,nice to meet you. John:Hello,I am John,nice to meet you too. Jim:How do you like the school surroundings so far?My personal favorite spot in the school is the garden.Great for reading! John:Well,it has well-maintaned landscape and everything looks pretty and people are friendly too. Jim:This is your hostel,let's go in and say hi to your new room-mate John:Ok,can't wait to meet them Jim:This is your room-mate,Tim.He is in Year 2. Tim:Hi!I will take good care of you,don't worry!Your bed is over there and you can leave your things here first. John:Thank you.Seems like you maintained the room pretty well Tim:I'm a neat freak!I usually wake up at 6am for my morning jog,do you like to jog?You can join me! John:Sure!I run marathons too,so jogging is a habit. Jim:Seems like you guys hit off pretty well!Shall we go visit the facilities in the hostel now? John:Sure. Jim:This is where you can do your laundry and wash up.The canteen is over here.It serves delicious fish and chips. John:I'm feeling hungry now Jim:Let's grab a bite then!

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